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In the last 10 years the practice of Mindfulness has been integrated not only in clinical settings but in the business world.

Mindfulness appears as a key tool for managing a changing, complex and speedy business environment. Employees need tools to help them manage anxiety and stress, coping daily transformation processes and improve their ability to develop positive interpersonal relationships.

Mindfulness at this time reduces the wandering of the mind and maintain focus for longer. These effects are especially noticeable in work environments heavily affected by multitasking, which slows performance and increases errors.

Philipp Hildebrand, vice chairman of BlackRock, claimed a few months ago in the Financial Times that:

"In a world of screens, messages, mobile and so much information, spending twenty minutes without thinking about anything is almost forced in the financial world."

Companies that are leaders in their respective markets such as GENERAL MILLS, GOOGLE, PROCTER & GAMBLE, APPLE, BANCO SANTANDER, YAHOO! or UNILEVER are applying their own methods based on mindfulness. The results, expressed by the participants in the program were greater listening skills, clarity in decision-making and increased personal productivity.

· Positive and conscious leadership

· Decreased ruminative processes

· Positive coping with change processes

· Increased empathy

· Increased flexible responses to different experiences

· Increased self-determination and greater persistence

· Reduction of stress and anxiety states

· Increased attention and concentration on the tasks assigned

· Low reactivity

· Improves emotional balance and physical wellbeing

· Improved overall performance

Once a Mindful attitude is integrated in the organization, the whole corporation benefits from its results. Employees increase their levels of well-being, reducing stress and anxiety, building positive relationships with their environment, developing an emotional intelligence and increased empathy for others and common goals.

All these effects transcend the individual and benefit the company as a whole
, increasing productivity, improving decision-making, fostering creativity and improving social relations and the work environment.

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