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"I want to make meditation accessible to everybody: for a happier, healthier you. I want you to take a break -not just from work, but from your own mind, which is so full of anxieties about the world and anxieties about its own anxieties" Andy Puddicombe

Our courses and workshops are aimed at anyone who wants to learn to meditate and want to progress in their personal development by strengthening its balance and well-being, developing self-regulation of attention, emotions, intentions or motivations and interpretation of what we happens.


For those who want to learn Mindfulness & Meditation in private, I offer a block of eight 1-1 sessions, each being 1 hours in duration (first session 1.5 hours)

You will learn how to bring awareness to the present moment through meditation practice and how to use this skill in your daily life. The sessions are based on MBSR and include:

  • private 1-1 meditation instruction & practice
  • discussion
  • course material and guided audio meditations so you can practice at home.


Aimed at people who want to learn Mindfulness techniques to improve your life and experience more inner balance, introducing simple practices in their daily lives.

Mindfulness are a series of exercises where the person is consciously focused on something concrete: an object, an image, the rhythm of your breathing, without judging or analyzing, without expectation of any kind.

In this workshop, we will learn Mindfulness Meditation techniques, different exercises practicing mindfulness body scan, sitting and walking meditation, mindful eating that will lead us to a state of mental concentration to calm our mind of the constant chatter. In addition, the context and the theoretical and historical background of Mindfulness will be provided, including teaching and experiences derived from over 30 years of the Stress Reduction Clinic at Massachusetts research.

The course has no religious content. No need to sit in awkward postures and we will practice some stretching exercises.

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In the weekly meetings, we will practice techniques based on the MBSR program, we will learn tools that allow us to incorporate Mindfulness in our lives: guided meditations, body scanning and reading to cultivate inner contentment, face the difficulties, enrich the relationship with ourselves and others. As well as being in the present, in the here and now.

We will practice guided meditations and a conscious dialogue before the end of the class



Our Meditation program based on MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) is a personal development program based on meditation that allows us to develop balance and psychological well-being in our lives through self-regulation of attention, emotions, intentions or motivations and cognition or interpretations of what happens to us.

In eight sessions of two hours, you learn and practice meditation, stretching, breathing, relaxation and how to manage thoughts and emotions to apply them in everyday life.

The sessions are completed with weekly homework assignments at home with the help of audio, video and printed materials. They teach and practice a series of meditations related to the practice of mindfulness, so that we have the necessary tools to use them according to our needs.

Each session begins with a guided Mindfulness practice. The course is very interactive and includes sessions where participants are invited to share their meditation experience or how they came to practice in the previous week, small groups. This gives you the opportunity to learn from other people's experiences and generate debate around the subject. The exchange sessions can be an opportunity to talk about what is happening instead of judging or thinking that you are not doing well.



Prevents the effects of anxiety and stress during pregnancy

During pregnancy, mothers are exposed to all the vicissitudes of daily life, including those that generate stress and anxiety. The program of meditation Mindfulness for pregnant women, allows the pregnant mother learn to be calm and quiet before the changes typical of pregnancy and external circumstances, increase the level of awareness of her own pregnancy and develop a more loving communication with your baby. It protects ultimately stress and allows a happier and conscious pregnancy.

This Mindfulness program during pregnancy, also constitutes a complementary treatment for women suffering from anxiety or have any problems with your mood and for which, due to her pregnancy, drug prescription is contraindicated.


  • Living a conscious pregnancy
  • It helps you be calm with the changes of pregnancy
  • Prevents problems in the baby derived by stress in utero and treats undesirable effects of anxiety and stress
  • Fosters mother-child bond developing a calm, loving relationship with the fetus
  • Develops psychological well-being
  • Favors a more happy, loving and conscious pregnancy


The program consists of 8 sessions of 45 minutes during which it is taught to the pregnant mother: techniques for the acquisition of serenity and prevention of the consequences of stress-anxiety as well as techniques for the development of a loving attitude to life it develops in her womb.

The maximum output of the program is obtained if the mother devotes the necessary time to the practices will be prescribed to perform during the intersessional period.

Especially suitable for:
  • Working women during pregnancy that are exposed to daily stress.
  • Women who already have an anxiety disorder and / or mood changes and that due to pregnancy must suspend drug treatment.
  • Any pregnant woman who wants to feel generally calmer and foster mother-child bond with your baby.

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