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I am a certified Nutrition Health Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and i have a true passion for food. I left Spain at the age of 27 to pursue an international career in business management, advertising and marketing that took me around the world. I have lived and worked in Malaysia, Philippines, Angola, Oman, Turks and Caicos, Peru, Zambia, UK, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia among other places. 

Even though I had an amazing lifestyle, I didn't feel fulfilled by my job. Though i was moving among the top businessmen and politicians of the world, I realized that their lives, as mine, were filled with stress: constant troubleshooting, obsessive thoughts, one appointment or reunion after the other, bouts of traveling without enjoyment, no time for calm, nutritious meals.  I felt that in the long run, this was no way to live, and that there was something else waiting for me out there and wanted to find out what it was.

Three years ago, I knew something had to change for me... I wanted to make a difference, and do something that had real... meaning. I decided to leave my job to pursue a more authentic lifestyle that brought me a feeling of excitement and joy each day. I moved to Bali for a year to practice yoga, meditation, learn about nutrition and about myself. This is when things started to fall into place!

Coaching and Mindfulness changed my life so I decided to educate myself and pursue a career helping others achieve their goals and dreams and live a healthier and happier life as well.

Mindfulness & Meditation was love at first sight! I have my ups and downs but I try to meditate every day. I practice a selection of meditation and stress management techniques, modalities that show how to utilize the mind more effectively, escape the shackles of anxiety and stress and function with more ease and confidence.

I am interested in learning more about people, the mind and the science of wellbeing. I want to help reduce the current epidemic of obesity, stress, depression and anxiety disorders and help others live a healthier and more purposeful, peaceful and fulfilling life. I have noticed profound benefits in my life and am very excited to spread my passion for happiness with you!


  • Degree in Administration and Business Management, Madrid, Spain.
  • Nutrition Health Coach, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.
  • Meditation teacher, the Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Mindfulness with Fernando A. de Torrijos from the Center for Mindfulness - University of Massachusetts.
  • ME-CL1 Mindful Eating - Conscious Living, Jan Chozen Bays, MD and Char Wilkins LCSW - The Center for Mindful Eating 
  • Certificate in Spanish Cuisine, Le Cordon Bleu, Spain.


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